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The BanaStar™ - Fusing 5-String Banjo, Bass, and Guitar
The BanaStar™ combines physical elements, configuration elements, and theoretical concepts associated with 5-string banjo, bass, and guitar. The BanaStar™ blends aspects from each of the three ancient musical instruments to create a brand new stringed instrument configuration. This new configuration results in an instrument that offers the proficient string musician a multifarious palette. The proprietary configuration also creates a structure that offers varied methods of approach not present on other stringed musical instruments available in todays music marketplace.
While the BanaStar™ can be considered the perfect companion for, or a powerful alternative to the guitar.. the truth is the BanaStar™ is a formidable new stringed musical instrument that may be in a class by itself.
The BanaStar™ is also a powerful option for the beginner musician. The 'standard tuning' configuration finds the BanaStar™ in an open-E tuning. The configuration in 'standard tuning' offers the novice a structure which promotes fast creation of simple songs and melodies. This attribute makes the learning process more fun for the entry-level musician. The 'fun factor' and the ability to create simple songs quickly increases the probability that the beginner will succeed.
While the BanaStar™ has features that enhance the possibilities of faster and simpler progress for the 'entry-level' musician, the fusion also creates an underlying foundation for complex methods that challenge the most proficient of string musicians.
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