A New American Stringed Musical Instrument

The banastar® is a new stringed musical instrument invented in the USA. The instrument is a fusion of music theory elements/physical aspects of the 5-string banjo, bass, and guitar. banastar® is an acronym derived from the names of these three instruments.

***Important Note***

the fusion creates a completely NEW INSTRUMENT and ARTIST PALETTE

While the banastar® may look similar to a guitar or bass from a distance, it is a unique instrument unto itself. Stringed instrument artisans find the configuration to be exciting and challenging. At the same time, beginners find the instrument to be very intuitive and inviting.

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photo of figured Zircote on the banastar

The Origins Of banastar®

The banastar® was developed and created by unknown artist and inventor David Ridge. A limited number of instruments will have been produced as of 2025. Currently there are instruments available and several more in process, both electric and acoustic. banastar® is a registered US trademark. The instrument is protected by United States Patent 8319081.

Acoustic And Electric banastar® Instruments

Currently there are both electric and acoustic banastar® instruments in production. If you are interested in obtaining an instrument for your collection, contact us today.

photo of headphones for banastar® media files

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Artist Picks:

Carry Your Blues

All Rise

Electric Jet


Keep It Private

Saturn Sand

Open Your Eyes

photo of American stringed instrument inventors

the banastar® project

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