A New Stringed Musical Instrument

The banastar® is a new stringed musical instrument invented in the USA. The instrument is a fusion of elements of the 5-string banjo, bass, and guitar. The name banastar® is an acronym derived from the three instruments within the 'recipe'.

***It is very important to note that the fusion creates a TOTALLY NEW INSTRUMENT and ARTIST PALETTE.***

While the banastar® may LOOK similar to a guitar or bass from a distance, it is a unique instrument unto itself and nothing like guitar or bass. Stringed instrument artisans find the configuration to be exciting and challenging. At the same time, beginners find the instrument to be very intuitive and inviting. Currently there are both electric and acoustic instruments in production. The banastar® is a patented invention.

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Photo of banastar® Serial Number TM-E-0003


  • A Musical Instrument Mashup
  • Rooted In Three-Finger Picking Styles
  • Standard Tuning: 'Open Chord Configuration'
  • Ideal For Rock, Blues, Country, Or ANY Genre
  • An Electric Or Acoustic Stringed Instrument
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